My office staff does everything outside the actual patient visit.  When you call the office, you hear a real person's voice immediately.  They of course register patients and handle insurance and billing questions.  They make sure that I see all biopsy reports, all blood results, and all messages from patients which they feel need my attention.  They make extra phone calls to pharmacies to try to see if there is a more cost conscious way to serve patients.  They also give patients blood results or biopsy reports by phone when asked.  They are in charge of all billing and insurance matters.  
I have been blessed with not only a hard working staff, but one that stays with me.  For example, one has been with me since I started in 1983. I feel like a musical conductor;  I require a lot of great musicians with him, or otherwist, I am just flinging my hands in the wind.
As in all medical fields, the specialty of dermatology requires mutual understanding, respect, and confidence.  We try to offer patients high standards of dermatologic medical care.  If you have questions, or concerns about any part of your care, treatment, or medication, please bring them to our attention.  Should you encounter any difficulties with medications or treatment, contact our office immediately.  Thank you for coming to us for your dermatological care.  We appreciate your confidence.


"He is my kind of doctor. No nonsense, to the point and does not have you keep coming back for rechecks. Very kind, knowledgeable. A scholar in his field!"

"If you are looking for a doctor with care and compassion then Dr. Burkhart would be a great choice."

"Just a great experience. I have been to see Dr. Burkhart several times. Always sees me promptly, treats me first visit in the most effecient manner. This is the way all medical offices should be run. Thanks to you and your staff!"

"The appointment time was right on schedule, the doc was friendly and helpful. But what impressed me the most was that he took care of my problem right away. No follow ups, no rescheduled appointments. Just fixed my problem right away. Great job. If you need something removed give him a call."

"Easy to arrange an appt upon arrival was on time to see me. Checked me over thoroughly and explained all he saw."

"Excellent physician. Best dermatologist in Toledo!"

"My experience at Dr. Burhart office was amazing he was very understanding. His staffs were very helpful, they were able to answered all my questions, and extremely patient with me. Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable and keeping my records up-to-date immediately."

Office Hours:

Monday      9:00 - 4:30
Tuesday      9:00 - 4:00
Wedneday  8:30 - 12:00
Thursday    9:00 - 5:00
Friday         8:30 -12:00
 Call 419-885-3403 for an appointment!

Fax ~ 419-885-3401
Our office is at:
5600 Monroe Street
Building B ~ Suite 106B
Sylvania, Ohio
Near the Monroe exit of Interstate 23



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5600 Monroe Street
Building B ~ Suite 106B
Sylvania, Ohio

Phone: 419-885-3403
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